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CARINATA - Advanced Renewables

CARINATA - Advanced Renewables

The SPARC Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team focused on developing Brassica carinata as a sustainable feedstock for advanced renewables including advanced jet fuel, bio-diesel, and other value added co-products as well as a high protein source for animal feed. Our industry and grower group partners include Agrisoma Biosciences, Inc.Applied Research Associates, Inc.Mustard 21.                                                            

David Wright-Carinata
David Wright, PhD

Program leader
Row crop systems agronomy; evaluating overall
system fit of carinata production in the Southeast.

Ramdeo Seepaul
Ramdeo Seepaul, PhD

Crop Physiology, agronomic best management practices,
advanced genotype screening and selection

James Clohessy, PhD

Sensor and imaging based high throughput
phenotyping for crop screening

Nicolas DiLorenzo, PhD

Beef Cattle nutrition, carinata meal feed efficiency analysis

Sheeja George, PhD

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Program Manager

Ian Small, PhD

Co-Program leader
Plant disease epidemiology, disease management
and decision support systems

Headshot of Michael Mulvaney
Michael Mulvaney, PhD

Cropping Systems Fertility Specialist

Ramon Leon, PhD

Weed Management and Ecology, new product

Patrick Troy

Regional Specialized Agent, variety testing at
Suwanee Valley, FL

Austin Hagan, PhD

Disease management and variety testing at Auburn University
in Alabama