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Florida 4-H Forest Ecology

Florida 4-H Forest Ecology

Cuban Brown Anole

Anolis sagrei

Photo credit: Dr. Steve A. Johnson, University of Florida

The Cuban Brown Anole (or just Brown Anole) is native to Cuba and the Bahama Islands. This small lizard arrived in Florida as a hitchhiker in cargo more than 125 years ago. It has spread across the entire peninsula and into the panhandle of Florida.

Adult Brown Anoles grow to about five to eight inches long, including the tail. They are various shades of brown, often with gray and brown flecks and blotches. Unlike Florida's native Green Anole, Brown Anoles cannot change color. Males have an orange throat fan - called a dewlap - which they extend to advertise their presence to females and other males.

They are most commonly seen on or near the ground in suburban and urban areas, and they quickly scamper to the cover of shrubs and other hiding places when approached.

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