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UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

How to Get Involved with the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Project

Program Activities

The program has obtained import and planting permits from FDACS and DEA. Seed and plant material has been acquired with first planting scheduled for Spring 2019.

We have obtained funding to investigate the variety selection, cropping system, and invasion risk research objectives at three production locations (7-10 acres each) and one environmental impacts location with activities described in our research plan. We are preparing an expansion to our research plan that will be funded through the Florida Industrial Hemp Endowment Fund.

There are no workshops or field days scheduled at this time, though we expect to plan several over the summer. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Advisory Group

The UF hemp program has selected an advisory group of 14 members representing diverse backgrounds in farming, research, business, law, and medicine. The advisory group members were nominated during the UF hemp program Fall 2018 workshops and completed a survey about their background and vision for hemp in Florida.

The UF Industrial Hemp Pilot Project Advisory Group will meet regularly throughout the duration of the pilot project with the project coordinator to provide oversight for program activities and decisions. Group members will also act as public representatives for the diverse interests and stakeholder groups relevant to the hemp industry in Florida. Group members will be chosen to represent the diverse interests and backgrounds of the hemp industry with a commitment to the transparent approach and collaborative tone of the program.

Project Partners

Qualified Project Partners are individuals and groups that are formally affiliated as a collaborator with the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project. These individuals and groups will be listed in the UF permits from FDACS (5B-57.013). Project partnership opportunities are available for grower and industry groups to participate within the existing UF program research activities. At this time, partnership opportunities are limited to on-site volunteers and consutants.

Project partners must have a place of business in Florida and a commitment to the collaborative tone of the UF hemp program. Interested project partners should submit the UF volunteer form to with the subject line 'Volunteer Application' and a clear description of 1) where you plan to volunteer, 2) how you plan to help, and 3) your qualifications to be involved. Project partners will be required to pass a background check, complete a volunteer training required of all UF volunteers, and be added to the FDACS planting permit to qualify.

Project Sponsors

The UF Industrial Hemp Pilot Project is currently funded primarily by industry support and private donations. Project Sponsors are acknowledged sources of that funding in demonstration of our appreciation.

Our first sponsorship initated our program and supports three broad program objectives (hemp variety selection, cropping system development, production economics, and invasion risk assessment) at three production locations (Quincy, Hague, Homestead) and one environmental impacts location (Gainesville). Each of the production locations will grow hemp in 1-2 acres for ~ 20 hemp varieties and complete an economic assessment for regionally-adapted cropping systems.

Further investigation of production systems, hemp performance at additional locations, high-CBD varieties, and inclusion of processing objectives require additional sponsors. Interested sponsors can donate to the UF Industrial Hemp Endowment Fund.

Looking for further information about sponsorship or the future opportunities to establish a sponsored research agreement (i.e., research contract)? Send an email to with the subject line 'Sponsorship Interest'.

Thank you to all the current sponsors of our program!