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Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology

Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology

Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology Graduate Program

The goal of the AMCB Interdisciplinary Concentration is to educate graduate students with an understanding of the principles of molecular and cell biology and the application of this knowledge to contemporary problems of comparative biology.

Prospective AMCB applicants for CALS Dean's Award


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Faculty and students in the AMCB work in the fields of animal science, veterinary medicine, wildlife biology, zoology, and biotechnology. Education is achieved by providing extensive training in molecular and cell biology in topic areas described briefly under each faculty member's research description.  The major professor, who serves as Chair of the student's Supervisory Committee, has responsibility for directing the student's research and, along with the Supervisory Committee, provides advice for a required plan of formal coursework.

Admission decisions depend in large part upon students identifying faculty members with funding who are willing to support the graduate student's application.  Therefore, graduate students with an interest in joining the AMCB should make contact with individual faculty members before submitting an admission application.