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Florida 4-H Forest Ecology

Florida 4-H Forest Ecology

Forest Ecosystems

Each year, the contest focuses on two ecosystems, on a four-year rotation. The ecosystems for 2022 are Bottomland Hardwoods and Sandhills

Note: the ecosystem stories for Juniors and informational texts for intermediates are being updated. Each year, updated versions of the two ecosystems for that year will be posted on the web site. 

At this station, Juniors and Intermediates will answer multiple-choice questions about each ecosystem. Here is a sample multiple choice question:

All plants native to bottomland hardwood forests:

A. only survive in dry conditions
B. survive in both wet and dry conditions
C. do not lose their leaves in winter
D. are toxic to wildlife

In addition, Intermediates will be asked multiple choice questions that reference identifying characteristics of the four representative plant species for each ecosystem.

To prepare, Juniors should read the forest story about adventures in each of their designated ecosystems. Intermediates should read the description of the designated ecosystems, and also study the website descriptions of the four plant species for each ecosystem.

Different Ecosystems and Species Found in Each

Note: Ecosystems for the 2022 Contest are Bottomland Hardwoods and Sandhills.