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Hemp Program

Hemp Program

UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Approval Program

In 2020, UF/IFAS partnered with Roseville Farms and established a program that provides a science-based evaluation of high cannabinoid hemp varieties.

As a crop new to Florida, all industrial hemp seed and palnt material must be approved prior to production and sale within the state per state law and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) rules. Due to the lack of new entries to this approval program, testing was paused in early 2022.

Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note: These answers are current as of 19 July 2022.

For answers to other frequently asked questions about the 2019-2021 UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project, please visit our FAQ page. For updates, please subscribe to our newsletter. For questions and comments, email

Hemp is undergoing a nationwide evolution, and it may seem that there are more questions than clear answers. The following list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) attempts to provide the most accurate answers currently available from the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project.

How do I get my hemp genetics approved by the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Approval Program?

If and when the cultivar approval program commences, growers and businesses interested in having their hemp varieties or cultivars approved by UF/IFAS will need to complete the online application. The UF/IFAS hemp research team will review each submission and accept or reject.

What do I have to supply?

Growers and bussinesses must submit 20 rootless cuttings of the selected cultivar for testing. Parties submitting hemp cuttings for approval are responsible for providing only pest-free plant material. Submitted plant material will be inspected on arrival.

How much does it cost?

During the 2020-2022 approval program period, a one-time fee of $100 per variety was required to participate. This fee covered the THC testing portion of the approval process.

Which hemp genetics will receive program approval?

During the 2020-2022 approval program period, cuttings were evaluated for THC levels to ensure the submitted hemp genetics test at or below the 0.3% total THC levels required by state statute. Submitted cultivars that tested below the required total THC levels were approved by UF/IFAS. The submitting party received a certificate that states that their named cultivar/variety and corresponding lots(s), has been approved for sale in Florida per state statute and FDACS rules.