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UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

The University of Florida has been responsive to the opportunity presented by the Florida Legislature to perform hemp research. Inititally, funding for this UF/IFAS pilot project was provided exclusively by the industry. Future industry funding will expand hemp research at UF/IFAS through generous gifts to the University of Florida Foundation or research contracts. Your gifts help support continuous and uninterrupted research.

UF/IFAS Hemp has also partnered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to better understand management practices and nurient applications that contribute to sustained water quality.

Research Process

UF/IFAS supports the sustained viability of industrial hemp production, processing, and marketing. This is accomplished through work focused on addressing potential agricultural, ecological, and economic challenges. The research efforts at UF/IFAS can expand with further financial support aligned with the needs of the hemp industy.

presenter at industrial hemp education session

Jerry Fankhauser leading a discussion at an open house and field tour at the Everglades Research and Education Center. Fankhauser is the Assistant Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station. | UF/IFAS photo

Committed to developing broad collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship for the University of Florida Industrial Hemp Pilot Project, UF/IFAS works with a diverse representation of stakeholders. That includes representatives in farming, higher education, government, and non-profit entities. The collective goal is to develop a viable hemp industry in Florida, supported by the best available information and technology.