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RX-410: Smoke Management Techniques

RX-410: Smoke Management Techniques

Next Course:

Potential 2024 date TBD

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RX-410 is a suggested National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) training course designed for individuals with the RXB1 (Prescribed Burn Boss Type 1) certification seeking to become an RXB2 (Prescribed Burn Boss Type 2). This course would also benefit Long Term Fire Analysts (LTAN), Fire Effects Monitors (FEMO), air regulators, fire ecologists, private landowners, prescribed fire consultants, and fire planners.

This course leads students through the ecological and historical role of fire; the characteristics of smoke; the health, safety, and visibility impacts of smoke; public relations; legal requirements; meteorology; fuel consumption; smoke production dispersion modeling; and operational smoke management strategies. Interactive in nature, it contains a panel discussion, several exercises designed to facilitate class participation, and case studies highlighting Florida-specific environments.

Nomination process: 

Participants must submit a nomination form to be considered for this training. 

Online training:

Prior to the in-person training, participants must complete a questionnaire and review the new NWCG Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed Fire (PMS 420-2).

In-person training:

5 days of classroom instruction at Disney Wilderness Preserve in Poinciana, FL. Monday and Friday are half days. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are full days (8a~5p).

*Participants should bring a laptop to use during the smoke dispersion modeling sessions.

Registration Fee:

TBD; Early registration is available to participants who has previously graduated from one or more of the NATA Core Certificate Courses.


Optional lodging is located at the Florida FFA Leadership Training Center, 18 miles from Disney Wilderness Preserve.

For more information, contact:

Training Coordinator

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