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Research Practice Materials

Here you will find recorded videos of animals at both our facilities. We are providing you with a 20-minute video of each animal, a practice ethogram and our results after recording the animal’s behaviors. Please utilize the ethogram provided, click on the video and begin your observations using the provided ethogram. In each video we designate when you are to begin your observations, and after every 30 seconds; take a snapshot of the focal animal's behavior and record it on your ethogram. After the 20 minutes, add up your results by calculating the instance of each observed behavior, and then compare your results to ours by opening our completed ethogram. If you scored greater than 90% in accuracy (meaning your observations were similar to ours 90% of the time), then you are correctly identifying the animal’s behaviors. You can now feel confident using the provided ethogram in viewing our animals via our web cameras. Here is a guide on how to use our materials guide: Ethogram- How to guide.

  • Instructional Video
  • Horse Ethogram Video (test)