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Sustainable Human and Ecological Development (SHED)

SHED Personnel

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. James Sinclair
Advisor: Dr. Basil Iannone
Interests: Ecological and socioeconomic factors contributing to the movement of species across varying spatial scales.

Doctoral Students

Mary Szoka
Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean
Interests: Stormwater Management, Urban Streams, and Ecological Engineering.

Masters Students

Kayla Hess
Advisor: Dr. Basil Iannone
Interests: The effects of anthropogenic disturbances on ecosystems, wetland restoration, development of strategies to protect water resources and aquatic habitats.

Steven Hohman
Advisor: Dr. AJ Reisinger
Interests: Land use impacts on water quality, sustainable land manaement, aquatic contaminants, and aquatic biology.

Gisele Nighswander
Advisor: Dr. Basil Iannone
Interests: Ecology of residential landscapes, sustainable garden design, transferring research to policy arena.

Jovana Radovanovic
Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean
Interests: Soil amendments for improving residential soils.

Emily Taylor
Advisor: Dr. AJ Reisinger
Interests: Human dimensions of water resources, stormwater, and urban water quality

Rain Yates
Advisor: Dr. Basil Iannone
Interests: The effects of land development on stormwater management, ecological restoration and mitigation.

Technicians and Volunteers

Lindsey Kelly
Biological Scientist
Supervisor: Dr. AJ Reisinger
Interests: Sustainable urban and agricultural development, and manatee conservation.

SHED Alumni

Alex LoCastro
Lab Technician
Supervisor: Dr. Basil Iannone
Interests: Entomology and the reintroduction of natural spaces into human-dominated landscapes

Victoria Steinnecker
Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean & Dr. Allan Bacon (SWS)
Interests: Temporal evolution of soil-water characteristics in residential developments.