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Sustainable Human and Ecological Development (SHED)

Get Involved!

The SHED Group is always looking for energetic individuals interested in working with us. If you are interested in partnering or collaborating with SHED, please visit our Professional Partnerships drop down below. For those of you interested in becoming a member of the SHED Group as a graduate student, please visit our drop down for Prospective Students. If you are interested in pursuing Undergraduate Research or working as a Volunteer, please see respective dropdowns below. Current Opportunities are also listed below.

  • Current Opportunities
  • Prospective Students

    Interested in Joining the Team as a Graduate Student? We are always looking to connect with enthusiastic, well-qualified students. Current Opportunities are listed below. Even if you don't see a specific listing, contact us if your interests overlap with ours - opportunities may become available in the future. Please contact the specific SHED faculty member(s) with whom your interests are most aligned. Provide your CV and a brief description of why you are interested in graduate school. Learn more about each faculty member on the SHED Faculty page.

  • Professional Partnerships

    Interested in partnering with SHED? The SHED team is interested in partnering with a variety of different stakeholders, including residential developers, green industry professionals, city and county governments, utility companies, and home owner associations. We are able to provide advice and expertise for a variety of sustainable development issues. Partnership opportunities may include the design and monitoring of stormwater management projects, data analysis, and/or making recommendations on specific development plans and their environmental impacts and benefits. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits and opportunities of partnering with SHED, please contact us.

  • Undergraduate Research

    If you are interested in pursuing undergraduate research opportunities with the SHED Group, please contact a SHED Faculty member, and provide them with your CV/Resume and a brief description of your research interests.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteering provides an opportunity to get real-world, hands-on experience while contributing to the mission of the SHED Group. Our faculty have diverse experiences and expertise, and we are able to provide guidance for volunteers to gain valuable training and experience.If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact the specific member(s) with whom your interests align. Provide a brief statement of the area in which you'd like to volunteer.