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Project Learning Tree - Florida

Use the environment to engage children in learning – both outside and indoors.
Project Learning Tree-Florida logo

Project Learning Tree - Florida

Use the environment to engage children in learning – both outside and indoors.

Curriculum Overview

Project Learning Tree® (PLT)® uses trees and forests as windows on the world to increase students’ understanding of the environment and actions they can take to conserve it.

PLT’s instructional materials for early childhood through grade 12 can be used with students in formal school settings and with youth in nonformal settings. Our hands-on activities make teaching and learning fun. They connect children to nature, engage students in learning, improve student achievement, and grow 21st century skills – including the ability to think critically and solve problems.

GIrls adopting a treeChildren learning about a tree from a teacherChildren looking at flowers

Curriculum Offerings

PLT offers lesson plans and activities for all ages that can be easily incorporated into existing curriculum or used in nonformal settings. Learn more about the wide variety of curriculum offerings and check out these sample PLT activities!

Florida PLT Activity Resources

Florida PLT facilitators and educators have developed and compiled resources for many of the PLT activities. You can view and download the activity resources via Google Drive. We will continue to upload resources, so please check back regularly!

Florida PLT Activity Guide Supplements

Quick Guide for Forestry Professionals

The Quick Guide for Forestry Professionals provides eight ready-to-use, hands-on experiences that engage youth in learning about trees, forests, and the environment. The 30-minute experiences offer simple suggestions for engaging learners in all ages in concepts related to sustainable forest management.

Urban Forests: A Supplement to Florida's Project Learning Tree
This supplement provides educators with background information and identifies 28 PLT activities that already work well in urban areas; 19 PLT activities that can be adapted with suggestions to be more applicable to an urban space; 6 urban forest extensions to existing PLT activities; and 6 new urban forest activities.

What is a Healthy Forest? A Supplement to Florida Project Learning Tree
The goal of this supplement is to convey basic concepts of forest health, which of course should build upon a knowledge of trees and forests. The supplement focuses on Florida forest insects and pathogens, Florida forest ecosystems, and Florida forest management strategies and contains 5 new activities as well as extensions to 13 activities and can complement the science curriculum for grades 5-7.

Standards Correlations

To aid teachers in incorporating PLT into existing curricula, 6 of the PLT activity guides are correlated to the Florida Standards:

  • Trees & Me: Activities for Exploring Nature with Young Children Guide
  • Explore Your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide
  • PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide
  • Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood
  • Southeastern Forests and Climate Change Secondary Module
  • Focus on Forests Secondary Module

Learn more and download the correlations.

Professional Development Training Experiences

Florida PLT offers a variety of professional development training experiences, including in-person, virtual. Learn more about Florida PLT professional development training opportunities.