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UF/IFAS Plant Breeding

UF/IFAS Plant Breeding


UF/IFAS plant breeders actively contribute to shaping the next generation of highly skilled plant breeders. Although our interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree in plant breeding officially began in the fall of 2021, our faculty has a longstanding legacy of successfully training and graduating accomplished breeders over several decades. These graduates have played integral roles in advancing productive and innovative plant breeding programs, both in the United States and internationally, within the public and private sectors. Our alumni continue to be in high demand among breeding teams in universities across the US and other countries, as well as by private companies and global institutions. Some have even assumed faculty positions at UF. Explore examples of current alumni positions over the years, updated as of March 2021.

Alumni Name Current Position (as of March 2021) Advisor/Co-Advisor Graduation Year
Lopez, Jasmine Production Manager, Syngenta Flowers, Lehigh Acres, FL Hutton, Sam  2021
Acharya, Janam P Agronomist and Plant Breeder, Forage Breeding and Genetics Lab, Agronomy Department, UF Rios, Esteban 2020
Bhattarai, Krishna Postdoctoral Associate, Strawberry Breeding and Genetics Program, UC Davis Deng, Zhanao   2020
Buhlman, Jamie Lee UF Turfgrass lab manager, Kevin Kenworthy Kenworthy, Kevin  2020
Cappai, Francesco Molecular Research Scientist, Ohalo Genetics in California Munoz, Patricio  2020
Chitwood-Brown, Jessica  Assistant Professor, Colorado State University, Potato Breeding and Genetics  Hutton, Sam  2020
Khan, Jahangir  Senior Scientific Officer, Wheat and Barley breeder, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council,  Balochistan Agricultural Research and Development Centre (BARDC), Quetta Babar, Ali 2020
Mendoza, Augusto  R&D, Dole, Honduras Rios, Esteban 2020
Rogers, Katie Community Engagement Administrator at American Society of Plant Biologists Chaparro, José 2020
Sater, Haley Faculty position at University of Maryland specializing in fruits and vegetables extension Munoz, Patricio  2020
Cabezas, Diego F. Ranch Technician, Ted Turner Enterprises, Inc., Nebraska Munoz, Patricio  2019
Cox, Katherine D. Seed Lab Technician at WISCONSIN CROP IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, Madison, Wisconsin Kenworthy, Kevin  2019
Dareus, Rocheteau Freelance/Consultant Rios, Esteban 2019
Dorval, Marie Teacher at University Quisqueya, Haiti Meru, Geoffrey 2019
Mainviel, Riphine   Research Scientist in Legume Genetics at Feed the Future Haiti/AREA Project, University of Florida Meru, Geoffrey 2019
Pradhan Shrestha, Sumit  Data Scientist, self-employed, Madison, Winconsin Babar, Ali 2019
Racette, Kelly A. Sustainability Scientist, Agriculture & Food Systems at The Nature Conservancy, Falls Church, VA Tillman, Barry 2019
Utsav Kumar, Fnu  Assistant Basil Breeder at VDF Specialty Seeds, Thermal, California Resende, Márcio 2019
Yu, Xinjie  PhD student at University of Saskatchewan Deng, Zhanao  2019
Avci, Muhsin Ibrahim Ph.D. student at Ankara University, Turkey & General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies, Ankara, Turkey Babar, Ali 2018
Barbey, Chris Bioinformatics Lead with Ball Horticultural out of Chicago, IL (formerly UF Post-doc) Folta, Kevin 2018
Mattia, Matthew  Vice President, Agmerica, Houston, TX Gmitter, Fred  2018
Nelson, Jonathan R. John is a Plant Breeder with Plant Sciences, Inc. out of CA Whitaker, Vance 2018
Paudel, Dev Raj Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Florida Altpeter, Fredy 2018
Sierra Orozco, Edgar  Ph.D. student, UF/IFAS CGREC with Sam Hutton Hutton, Sam  2018
Wente, Rebecca Syngenta, plant breeding support position Hutton, Sam  2018
Xu, Jianjian  UF PhD student Deng, Zhanao  2018
Anciro, Ashlee L. Molecular Biology Manager and Tissue Culture Research Associate Lee, Seonghee Lee/Whitaker, Vance 2017
Goyzueta Altamirano, Marco D.  Ph.D. Student in Agronomy, University of Florida Tillman, Barry 2017
Hossain, Maksud M.  Research Associate, Noble Research Institute, OK, US Babar, Ali 2017
Norden, Elliot H. Research Associate II, Driscoll's, Dover, FL Chaparro, Jose 2017
Phillips A., Douglas  Blueberry Extension Coordinator, University of Florida, Wimauma, FL Munoz, Patricio  2017
Cao, Zhe Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Saskatchewan Deng, Zhanao/Clark, David 2016
Kilasi, Newton Assistant Professor, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania Rathinasabapathi, Bala  2016
Rios, Esteban F.  Assistant Professor, Agronomy, University of Florida Munoz, Patricio/Kenworthy, Kevin 2016
Tseng, Yu-Chein Breeder, University of Taiwan Tillman, Barry 2016
Cellon, Catherine Assistant Plant Breeder, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Belle Glade, FL Olmstead, J./Munoz, Patricio 2015
Gilbert, Jessica   Molecular Blueberry Breeder, Driscoll's, Watsonville, CA Olmstead, J./Clark, David 2015
Mangandi Sanchez, Jozer A.  Plant Breeder, Berry Blue, Inc. Plant City, FL Whitaker, Vance 2015
Roach, Jack   Ph.D. student, Max Planck Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany Whitaker, Vance 2015
Zhang, Jianxing Assistant VP, Compliance Quantitative Operations Associate, Bank of America Peter, Gary 2015
Ribeiro de Resende, Marcio F Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida Kirst, Matias 2014
Riveros Walker, Alejandro Post-Doctorate Associate, University of Florida Peter, Gary 2014
Thornton, Steven T Maize Breeder, Corteva Agrisciences, Mississippi, USA Tillman, Barry 2014
Yu, Yuan   Citrus Breeder, Haisheng Corporation, China Gmitter, Fredy 2014
Chambers, Alan   Assistant Professor, Tropical Fruits Breeder, Univ. of Florida  Folta, Kevin/Whitaker, Vance 2013
Chavez Velasquez, Dario J. Extension Specialist and peach breeder, University of Georgia, Griffin Chaparro, Jose 2013
Kennedy, Colleen Plant Breeder, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, CA Whitaker, Vance 2013
Sinche Serra, Marco Vinicio Professor, Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador Altpeter, Fredy 2013
Carrilo-Mendonza, Omar Strawberry Breeder, Driscoll's, Watsonville, CA Chaparro, Jose 2012
Christensen, Christian T. High Chill Blueberry Breeder, Driscoll's, Watsonville, CA Kenworthy, Kevin  2012
Jung, Jehyeong Senior Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Altpeter, Fredy 2012
Marino, Silvia R. Research and Development, Wonderful Citrus, Mcallen, TX Olmstead, J. 2012
Aina, Olubunmi O Senior Biologist, Breeding & Genetics, Corteva AgriScience, Haiwaiian Islands Quesenberry, Ken 2011
Czarnecki, David M. II Flower Breeder, Ernst Benary of America, Inc., CA Deng, Zhanao 2011
Smith, Sarah M. Squash Breeder, HM Clause, CA Deng, Zhanao/Clark, David 2011
Taparia, Yogesh Research Associate, Corteva Agrisciences, India Altpeter, Fredy 2011

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