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UF/IFAS Plant Breeding

UF/IFAS Plant Breeding

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The UF/IFAS plant breeders oversee and manage one of the most active and innovative plant breeding programs in the world. No other institution genetically improves such a large variety of crops which can be grown not just in Florida, but also around the world. Our breeders use next-generation science to improve more than 50 crops for food, feed, fiber, fuel, shelter, landscape beautification, ecosystem services, and a variety of other human activities.

The Plant Breeding Graduate Program currently offers a Ph.D. degree in Plant Breeding. UF/IFAS is the land-grant university with the largest plant breeding faculty in the nation and one of the largest in cultivars developed and cultivars licensed. Over 30 faculty are strategically located throughout Florida and have trained more than 60 plant breeders in the last 10 years.

Our faculty focus on training the next generation of outstanding plant breeding leaders who will be well-rounded and career-ready for the industry, academia, non-profit, or other sectors. Our integrated curriculum equips students with traditional and contemporary breeding methodologies, including field-based breeding evaluation, quantitative genetics, modern molecular techniques, and phenotyping technologies.

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Global Recognition. Local Innovation.

Florida’s unique climate offers the best opportunity to grow and breed specialty crops (such as blueberries, citrus, papaya, peach, strawberry, sweet corn, lettuce, tomatoes, and others) that are not grown anywhere else in the country. As the demand for specialty crops rises rapidly, UF/IFAS has become the leading university in training graduate students to work with these unique crops.

Whether you wish to work in the field, the forest, the greenhouse, or the laboratory, plant breeding will provide a stimulating, fulfilling career. Our state-of-the-art facilities, strong partnership with industry, research support and emphasis, and active breeding programs in 50 different crop species make UF the top choice to study modern plant breeding.

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